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Career story: Darius

This time, we sat down for a virtual cup of coffee with Darius, our Connector Engineering Team Lead, who was employee #1 at our Vilnius office.

Could you please introduce yourself? 

I’m Darius, the Team Lead of Connector Engineering, and  I’m also the head of our Vilnius office.

How did you end up at Supermetrics, and what made you decide to join?

Just like our CEO Mikael’s, my story also started from a t-shirt. I was at a conference in Amsterdam, at an after-party, and I met a person who was wearing a Supermetrics t-shirt. I don’t remember who it was, but I remember he was super awesome. 

A few years later, I was scrolling on LinkedIn and saw the same logo that was on the t-shirt. It was either an ad or an article, so I clicked it and saw that Supermetrics was looking for new people to join the new Vilnius office team. 

First, I was like, ah, I should try, and maybe I’ll meet that awesome person again. Then, Viivi [our People Ops Manager] called me, and she was super excited like she always is. She organized a meeting with Dups and Niklas. They liked me; I don’t know why. Niklas said that I was dressed nicely :D. I got an offer.

I liked Dups and Niklas very much; it was love at first sight. 

Why did you think this company and role would be the right fit for you?

After I signed, I met all the other people as well. I traveled to Helsinki for two weeks for onboarding, and it was awesome. The people, the atmosphere, it was amazing. A completely different world. 

I come from the aviation industry, where everything was super strict and where you can’t move a finger without approval or a bunch of paperwork, basically. Here the relaxed atmosphere, happy people, the faces, the product — I’m still amazed about those things. Building a new company, a start-up? Amazing. 

Tell me about a new skill you’ve learned while working here? 

Managing people in a different way than I was managing before — I’ve learned a completely new approach. These kinds of 1:1s, in Lithuania they’re so rare — someone comes to you and asks questions about how you feel and does this regularly. I was like, wow. 

When I started hiring people, and they noticed how we take care of our employees, they were also amazed. Now, for me, it’s already a simple part of my work. For new people, it’s still amazing. This new Nordic approach in the working environment is totally awesome. 

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Now my favorite part is when I have time to code. It’s like a party to me when I can sit and code something new. I spend a lot of time in meetings and with people management. I love that part, but still, the most exciting time is when I can sit down and code. 

At first, my main responsibility was building a team. I was doing everything: coding, hiring people, conducting interviews, managing recruitment processes from start to finish, signing all the contracts, finding providers for coffee — basically everything. 

Time passed, we got more people, and now I can focus more on tech interviews. The next goal is to continue building amazing connector engineering teams across the world. After that, who knows! 

What makes your work meaningful for you? 

When I know that the people in the team are happy and satisfied with what they are doing, that they want to solve problems, that they are engaged, and talking to each other.

After that, myself, I want to be happy. The feeling when we solve problems — even one line of code can help thousands of customers. Solving clients problems, introducing new features, knowing how satisfied our clients are from our awesome product, all other small things I work with which impact thousands of people. 

How would you describe our culture?

Trust and communication are very important for us. The whole company is always telling to always ask and not to be afraid to talk to people. Everyone should be polite; these are the cornerstones. We’re not lying. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. 

From day one, we are encouraging people to ask. We don’t want anyone to try to reinvent the wheel again. This is why we have an amazing onboarding program, kitchen talks, 1:1s, relaxed atmosphere where people can talk about anything. Talking with people and, most importantly, hearing what they are saying is the greatest part of Supermetrics.  My wife is a psychologist, so I know these things. 

What keeps you working here?

It’s interesting, very challenging, and I like challenges. The people, atmosphere, and the people again. Working hard on interesting projects and building something great. It’s just awesome working here.


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