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Career story: Jo

Could you please introduce yourself and what you do at Supermetrics? 

My name is Jo, and I'm a Sales Team Lead at Supermetrics. I lead a team of seven people that consists of sales executives and SDRs. I've been in this role for the past six months but originally joined the company two and a half years ago. 


How did you end up at Supermetrics, and what made you decide to join?

It all started from a photo I saw online sometime in late 2018. I was looking for the next step to grow in my career and I was especially keen to find one where I’d get to work with an international team and clients. Having worked in B2B sales for the previous few years, I knew that's where I wanted to be. Otherwise, I was open to exploring my opportunities and checking out various positions. That's when I stumbled upon a Supermetrics job ad with a team photo — there were maybe fifteen people in it, and I found myself picturing myself in that crew and what I could bring to the table as their teammate. 

I applied not knowing too much about the industry and products that Supermetrics builds but I trusted my experience and skills in sales. I knew whatever it was, I could figure it out and make an impression. I got an invitation to attend a group interview where the technical knowledge of everyone else was intimidating. However, I had a strong feeling that there were still plenty of other things I could bring to the team. Thankfully, the sales team we already had back then agreed with me, and I got hired. I was so happy since I had felt like this was meant to be from the very beginning.


When did you know you had made the right decision?

I never once questioned my choice or had any hesitation about joining Supermetrics. I think it's because I had already had my "aha moment" before I even started. 


Was there a time when you were challenged to grow in your skills and capabilities?

I feel like I'm challenged to grow every day. There's always something new to learn in such a fast-moving and complex environment like ours. We're never entirely done with our learning journey. Be it new markets in sales, developing new processes, or studying about new technologies and products. 

The biggest challenge for me personally has been developing our outbound sales as we are a heavily inbound-focused company when it comes to sales. It was something I hadn't done before starting at Supermetrics. The learning curve was steep — I was diving into how people in various markets behave and respond to different tactics, how they do business, etc. I started that process two years ago, and it's still a work in progress. 

Is there a new skill you've developed here?

I've developed a lot, especially in prioritizing and managing my work efficiently and sustainably — doing one thing at a time. In such a busy environment, you need to identify the things that matter, focus on them, and get things done. I feel like I've come far in mastering my focus and structuring my work.

Tell me about your typical day?

I'm very organized and so my weeks tend to follow a pretty consistent structure. I like to keep my calendar very structured to make sure I'm dedicating enough time for my team-leading responsibilities and working towards reaching my personal sales quota. That said, no matter which of my duties I'm working on throughout the day, most of it is spent in video calls. Either I'm meeting with customers, team members, or other internal stakeholders. Usually, I dedicate 30% of my time to team meetings, 60% to customer meetings, and 10% to business and sales process development. Of course, something new and surprising gets added to the mix regularly, which keeps things interesting. 

What makes your work meaningful for you? 

Being able to have impact and autonomy in my work is very important to me as I enjoy the independence that comes with a culture of giving ownership. Being empowered and having room to grow professionally and personally is something I truly value in a work community.

I also enjoy advising and helping our customers develop their businesses and mentoring my team members. Having the trust of other people as an expert in our products and ecosystem and a lead and mentor on the internal side brings me a great sense of meaning personally and professionally. 

How do our company values align with your own?

I can't reiterate enough how important it is for me to be trusted and truly have ownership at work to do my best. We have a pretty low hierarchy that aligns with my values well. I love the diversity in our teams and the equality of contribution regardless of your background and ethnicity. Supermetrics as a hypergrowth company suits me well and aligns with my hunger for growth and continuous development in my career. I'm always looking for ways to become a better professional and person, and I feel like that's something I can do here. 


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