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Career story: Joel

Could you please tell us who you are and what you do at Supermetrics? 

I'm Joel, and I started as an SDR, a sales development representative, in mid-February. I played football professionally for about 10 years before joining Supermetrics.


How did you end up at Supermetrics, and what made you decide to join?

That's a bit of a complicated story, but it all started last year. My girlfriend works in another SaaS company in Helsinki, and some of her previous colleagues work at Supermetrics now. At the end of last year, I started to think about the possibility of transitioning away from football and weighing my options between starting a new career or sticking to football. It was a tough decision. 

One day, my girlfriend suggested applying for an SDR position that Supermetrics had opened. It was an entry-level position, which seemed like a great chance for me to start a new career. I was a little unsure initially and wasn't confident I could actually get this position. My prior work experience included zero hours of anything other than football as it had been my entire life since then. However, I arrived at the conclusion that I had nothing to lose. I applied in January, and here I am! 


Why did you think this company and role would be the right fit for you?

Last year my girlfriend was working from home due to covid-19, and I got to see what it's like to work in B2B SaaS sales from up close and learned about the goal-oriented nature of the work. I found many similarities between sales and professional sports, such as systematically working towards your goals and working as a part of the team. It helped me imagine myself in sales instead of a football field, and I became comfortable with the idea of making the change.

I also checked out the working environment, the products, and the key business metrics of Supermetrics and did a lot of research into what it means to be an SDR. 


When did you know you had made the right decision?

I hadn't really decided whether I would still continue playing football or join Supermetrics before I applied. I just knew that if I do apply, I'm going to do it properly and invest time in it. 

On Saturday, after my last Supermetrics interview with Mikael on a February Friday, I got offers from multiple football teams in Finland and abroad. During the weekend, I felt a little nervous, wondering if I'll get the job at Supermetrics while having really tight deadlines for the football offers. Then on Monday, our VP of Sales, Martin, called and offered me a position, and at that moment, I decided to pursue this career. It was such a great opportunity — one that I couldn’t miss. 

Tell me about a time when you were challenged to grow here? 

After completing my initial onboarding, I got to start working in my role full-on. I got my first outbound demo booked in two days and thought for a moment that this isn't that hard. For the following five weeks, I didn't manage to secure any despite my continued efforts. One of our main KPIs is demos booked and the situation forced me to rethink my approach. The challenge inspired me to be more creative in developing new ways to do my job. That was definitely a challenge that turned into a significant learning experience for me. 

Tell me about a new skill you've learned while working here? 

Before joining Supermetrics, I had never seen or used a CRM before, and I've developed a comprehensive technical understanding and skills during my time here. Another one was actually adjusting to the pace of everyday work life. It might sound funny, but having spent my life as a professional football player, the daily rhythm of things didn't follow conventional business hours. It took me some weeks to find my own rhythm and learn how to manage my time in the best way possible.

What does a typical day look like for you?

The majority of my time as an SDR goes into booking demos, which means sourcing and reaching out to prospects through various channels. Another big one is taking part in the demo calls and other meetings with potential customers, so I can learn and soak in as much as possible about the sales process, customer needs, etc. Those two form the bulk of my daily and weekly activity. The rest consists of team and other internal meetings and sparring with my colleagues on different approaches, bouncing ideas off of each other, and developing ourselves, which I love.

How do our company values align with your own?

Due to my background in team sports, something I was looking forward to having when transitioning into the business world was retaining a strong team culture. I also value continuous growth and the ambition to become better, so the company I joined needed to match those values. Also, now, after joining demos and conversations with our customers, I've come to greatly value the positive impact our products have on our customers' lives. The reaction of our potential customers when they learn how much our products can help them gives my work a lot of meaning. 

What kind of goals and ambitions do you have for yourself at Supermetrics right now?

I'm still new, and my goals are forming all the time, but I'd love to become a sales executive in the future. I'm really driven to learn and develop all the skills needed for that position. I feel fortunate to work with such talented people across the company and for having so many senior team members to learn from. I'm inspired by the people around me.

What keeps you working here?

I'd say that the main reason is the team. I like all the people that I've met so far, and the culture is amazing. I'm grateful for having people around me that are always ready to help when I need a hand. I'm also super excited about the potential of this company and the growth we're seeing, and I want to be a part of this incredible story.

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