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Career story: Margarita

Could you please introduce yourself, who you are, and what is your role at Supermetrics?

I’m Margarita, a PHP developer at Supermetrics. I’m originally from Belarus, and I used to live in Minsk. At first, I was offered to move to Helsinki, but when I discovered Supermetrics has an office in Vilnius, I chose that because it’s closer to Minsk. I’ve been working at Supermetrics for four months now.

Joining Supermetrics

How did you end up at Supermetrics, and what made you decide to join?

Back in September 2020, I decided that it was a good time to move away from Belarus. I always wanted to live in another country. I didn’t have any preferences back then on where to move — I considered all options. I updated my LinkedIn status, saying that I’m looking for new opportunities. I got a message from a guy about Supermetrics — they were looking for PHP developers in Helsinki. I was like, ok, I’ll consider anything for now.

I had an interview with Viivi — I really liked it, she’s so fun. Her energy convinced me to continue with this company — at least to check how other people are. So I started the interview process. After that, I found out there’s an office in Vilnius as well. In the end, I had several offers in Vilnius, and it was very difficult to make the decision. Even the company where I worked earlier opened an office in Vilnius and offered me a position there.

After interviewing with several people at Supermetrics — I didn’t really care what the exact position would be — I just wanted to work with these people! I could truly see that they care about their work and the results, and everyone was so positive. No one was working with anything they didn’t like — they seemed to be involved with their whole heart.  I thought to myself: “I want to work with the same kind of energy and love what I do”.

Why did you think this company / role would be the right fit for you?

Earlier I worked with an outsourced company. The goal in those kinds of companies often is to finish the project. I wanted to switch to a product company — where you really care about what you work with and focus on the quality. Working at Supermetrics has exceeded my expectations in this. A product company, the people I interviewed with, and the possibility of moving to Vilnius — it was a sum of all these things that made Supermetrics the best option for me.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

Here at Supermetrics, I feel that I can learn a lot. I am not doing the same things over and over again — I realized this is a place where I can continuously learn and grow.  I have clear expectations for my role. It's really important for me to feel comfortable with the people I work with, and here, I feel that all my requests and wishes are heard, considered, and discussed. I feel supported.

Career growth

Tell me about a time when you were challenged to grow in your skills and capabilities.

I had a development discussion with my team lead, Darius. We discussed in which direction I’d like to grow in my role. Whether I want to be a tech lead, team lead, or change my position to something not related to this. We filled in a learning plan and will review it again after a couple of months to check what I’ve learned and achieved. I’d like to become a team lead someday — I feel like I have this opportunity here — and that’s great.

Tell me about a new skill you’ve learned while working here?

Testing. Previously I always worked with QA, and someone tested everything for me. Here at Supermetrics, we don’t have a separate QA team, so I’m learning how to test. I never really cared about it, but now I’ve realized it’s a good area to know and understand. I’ve also learned a lot about how the Supermetrics products work, what parts there are, and in general, about the marketing stuff.

Own role

What does a typical day in your role look like? I would say it’s maybe a couple of meetings, testing something on the product, and released features. The major part of my day is investigating documentation on how API works and then coding.

What makes your work meaningful for you? I like when I see the result of my job. For example, when I close a story, and the support team can notify a customer that it’s fixed and works as expected. When I know someone’s going to enjoy the results of my work. I really feel that I like what I do. Adding new features that can help customers, it can make their job much easier. I’m so glad I’m able to help people with their own work.

Working culture

How do our company values align with your own?

Our values completely align with my own. I’ve never had a list of values for myself. I remember I read all Supermetrics’ values when I joined, and I thought to myself that they sounded great. However, I’ve come to notice that they aren’t just a list of beautiful words — you can really see them in practice — in the way the company works and how the people are. A good example of our culture is when we had lunch all together and discussed who has pets in the Vilnius office. I briefly mentioned that I love dogs so much, and I’d love to see Darius’ dog someday. I totally forgot about it, and after a few weeks, Darius brought his dog to the office. Even if it was a small thing, for me, it was amazing. It felt so great when someone had carefully listened to what I said and remembered this small thing later. This can be applied to many people at Supermetrics — they listen and hear what you say and think. Everyone tries to make the atmosphere more positive.


What keeps you working here?

Most likely the people. I hope that I’ll have a chance to meet everyone in person someday and that it will convince me even more. How the company, teammates, and everyone treats me. How supportive everyone is. The benefits are great and the office too,  but they were never the reason for joining. One thing I like is that people from different areas ask for feedback all the time. It’s really great that your opinion matters. I would say it’s a set of all these things.

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