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Career Story: Mariya

Could you please introduce yourself, who you are, your role at Supermetrics, and your background?

I’m Mariya, a Software Developer, and I‘ve been with Supermetrics for one year. I’m basically a backend developer and coding in PHP. I’ve been a developer for eight years now. I moved to Finland from Kazakhstan. I’m a self-taught developer — I don’t have any degree related to the field. I have a degree in languages, and previously I was working in a bank as a translator.

I decided I wanted to learn to program and become a developer. I didn’t know anything about it — I didn’t even have friends who had been coding, but yet I decided to join a small web studio back in my home country.  My initial thought was just to work in the company as an office manager. I didn’t care about what the position would be — I just wanted to get my foot in the door and learn about the tech industry, meet developers, and get to know people. However, my future boss asked what kind of things interested me and suggested a position as a tester. So I ended up doing unit testing and later started as a developer. I sort of cut corners to becoming a developer.

Joining Supermetrics

How did you end up at Supermetrics, and what made you decide to join?

I moved to Finland 4 years ago, and after my first company here, I started looking for other jobs. Marika contacted me about an open position at Supermetrics. However, I wasn’t sure whether I should really go work at a start-up — it sounded scary. What would happen if something would go wrong with the business? I agreed on an interview with Marika anyway, and I was (positively) shocked about the office — I had seen these kinds of offices only in movies. It was the best interview I’ve ever had — it was like meeting an old friend. We just chatted about everything for over an hour. I really enjoyed the interview, and I immediately decided to join.

Why did you think this company/role would be the right fit for you?

I decided to take a risk and work at a start-up. I wanted to try working in a fast-growing company where I can see the impact of my work.

What was the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to work here?

I guess, when I met people. It’s so rare — I would say it’s almost impossible — when you start in a company, and you feel that you’re not a new person there. You feel that you’ve been working there forever. These first days, or sometimes even months, when you come to the office, and you’re like, “Omg I don’t know anybody, and people are busy, and they have their own plans”. But here at Supermetrics, I just blended in the crowd — it was an amazing feeling. Especially when being alone and having moved from another country — this kind of feeling is priceless.

Career growth

Tell me about a time when you were challenged to grow your skills and capabilities.

Working with the professionals on our team is what keeps me growing. It’s nice to have crazy experienced senior people on the team. I just keep becoming better at what I’ve been doing. I still keep on growing each day. At Supermetrics, it’s possible to switch roles and experience career development. You will definitely be heard— if you’re good enough, you get what you ask for. It really depends on yourself — if you’re capable, the company will let you grow. It’s amazing.

Own role

What does a typical day in your role look like? Well, lots of coding! Lots of brain-melting questions. Right now, I’m a software developer, so I’m not managing ticket stories or anything like that. I also communicate with other developers. We have very fast daily meetings in the mornings to check who’s doing what.

What makes your work meaningful for you?

Working on a project that many people use. Anything you implement, people are waiting to be able to use it after its release. I know many companies or start-ups that have failed. The worst thing is when you’re coding, and you stress about it, and then you release it, and no one is using it. But here you know that you make people’s life easier.

Working culture

How do your own values align with our company values?

I think it’s really important to have a good environment to work in and meaningful things to do. Equality is super important — in Kazakhstan, where I used to live and work, equality is nothing like here. I have quite bad experiences from there — for example, how women are treated there versus here. In Finland, it’s very different, and that’s probably the most important thing for me.


What keeps you working here?

People, projects, and possibilities. I know I can grow in the company. The company is growing, and I can also grow with the company. It’s really important to know that I’m not stuck.

Would you recommend your friends to work at Supermetrics?

Yes, and I’ve done it. They don’t want to come to Finland because they think it’s nothing but cold here. But I always say it’s so nice here — people are so nice. My friends moved to Berlin, and they said they’re treated like foreigners. But I don’t feel like that here. I don’t feel like I wouldn’t belong here. You have the cleanest air to breathe, the purest tap water to drink, nature everywhere. Everything just works, everyone follows the rules. Life is predictable in a good way. You always know that at the end of the month you’ll get your salary, every year you’ll get your holidays. I don’t really see why anyone wouldn’t want to move here.


Mariya's interview with Business Finland

Working with the professionals on our team is what keeps me growing. It’s nice to have crazy experienced senior people on the team. I just keep becoming better at what I’ve been doing. I still keep on growing each day.

Mariya Kulkina Software Developer
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