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Hello there! πŸ‘‹

Come on in and see what we're all about!

It all started from a Google t-shirt.

In 2009, Google had just released the Google Analytics API. A Googler posted a contest in an online forum, the 1st person who managed to connect the API to Excel would win a Google t-shirt. Pretty exciting, huh? At least that’s what our founder Mikael felt. And he really, really wanted that t-shirt.

Supermetrics summarized

  • 190 coworkers
  • Over 30 different nationalities working at Supermetrics
  • Offices in central Helsinki (Kaivokatu 10), Vilnius and Atlanta (more coming soon)
  • Founded in 2013
  • Diverse and international company
  • Clients all over the world (110+ countries)
  • 500k+ Paying users and 16k Customer companies
  • 30M euros in ARR



Our values

Drive & Growth πŸ€
Our people are always eager to challenge themselves to learn and develop themselves. We love to support it and see our people thrive, and so it's not unusual that people change roles inside Supermetrics.
Communication & Transparency πŸ’¬
We communicate a lot! We must collaborate and share our thoughts. We have every other week Super-info-session, where all teams have time to tell what they have been doing. We don't keep secrets, and everyone's opinion is valuable.
Proactivity & Innovation πŸ’‘
If you see something is wrong - please act! People are proactive in different ways. You can organize a karaoke party, fix a bug or propose a new work method. We always want to improve and make this a better company together!
Respect & Team play ❀️
We have a "no asshole policy." We strive to enable you to be at your best and make the most of your strengths. We promise not to shove a culture guide on your desk, but we do have a few ground rules: We are equal, trustworthy, take good care of our customers, and treat our colleagues with respect.
Competence & Background 🎒
We are building the future of data at Supermetrics. Our mission is to provide easy access to actionable data for everyone who needs it for their work. To get there, we need innovative & resourceful people like yourself. It doesn't matter what your educational background is - we value your attitude, personality and competence.
Sounds like your kind of people?🌟
These are the values we live and hire by at Supermetrics. Doesn't sound like your cup of tea? Then maybe we're not a match. But if these values speak to you, then we'd love to get to know you better!

We have fun together!

They say that beer on tap, Foosball tables and free office snacks are not what really matters. But we got them anyway! We also have a cinema, a foam pit, basketball arcade, sauna, and 250 square meters of sun-terrace. We do all kinds of things together from language courses and dinners to marathons and sauna-evenings. We can also throw extremely stylish office parties. 



Come and join us on our journey!

Read about our perks & recruitment process

Our perks

Healthcare πŸ€’
No need to line up for a doctor if you're sick, you can book a time to a private doctor.
Lunch & wellbeing 🍝
We cover 25% of your lunch money and you get to enjoy team lunches every other week, provided by our trusted catering partner. We have ePassi, where you get a flex benefit of 600 euros per year. You can choose to put the money into sports, culture, transportation, massage - you choose what you need!
Phone πŸ“±
We give you a phone, as well as a phone plan you can use anywhere in Europe (for all of you globetrotters!) like you would in Finland.
Bonus πŸ†
Everyone gets their own goals to work towards to ensure that your career is progressing to the direction you wish to grow. Upon reaching your goals, you get an excellent bonus for your efforts twice a year.
Learning πŸ“š
You will definitely learn new things when working at Supermetrics. Everything we do relates to data, so there is always something new to learn! We believe that overall learning consists of three parts: learning at the job itself, social learning, and formal learning events. We have a learning budget of 1000 euros/employee/year to support your professional growth, we provide Finnish language courses for non-Finnish speakers and we encourage internal mentoring to support each other and share knowledge!
Hackathons βš™οΈ
We arrange yearly internal hackathons, where you can challenge yourself and try out new things! We have done, among other things, these fantastic projects: - Weather data connector - Raspberry Pi sensor measuring Sauna temperature - We created the slogan: SUPERPOWERED - Query duration forecasting using machine learning - Foosball ranking slack bot
Option program πŸ“ˆ
We own Supermetrics together and everyone gets invited to our option program after the probation period.
Team events πŸŽ‰
We have a lot of fun team events like karaoke, cooking classes, sports events, sauna, movies in our own cinema, etc. You can plan an event yourself too and bring your friends!
Laptop and gear πŸ’»
You get a top notch laptop, noise canceling headphones and any other gear you might need.

Data is f*cking cool!

Employee @ Supermetrics

The interview process

Social interview and/or phone screen

We want to get to know you better and have a chilled chat. You can tell your career aspirations and what you are looking for. We can tell a bit more about us. We can have this discussion in whatever place you like! For example in our office, coffeeshop, walking around city or during a lunch. Sometimes we do it on the phone if you live abroad or far away.


To get to know your skills better, we have an assignment for all our open positions. It tries to imitate what we actually do here, so you also get a feeling of it. 

Interview with the team

You get to meet your possible future team and discuss the assignment. This is also a very relaxed conversation where you get a chance to ask questions from your teammates. We can talk about our perks, salary and other expectations you may have. 

Signing the contract

You sign your contract and become one of the Supermetricsteam! Woop woop! You get invited to our events even before you start. 

40 reasons to work at Supermetrics (in no particular order):

  1. relaxed atmosphere
  2. great team spirit
  3. ambitious people
  4. flexible working hours
  5. ability to work from home at times
  6. healthcare
  7. lunch benefit
  8. startup on a very solid ground
  9. evolving business in a fast-paced environment (not treading water...)
  10. global customer base, with quite a few impressive names
  11. crazy socks
  12. office tea and coffee
  13. office snacks and beverages
  14. beer and foosball tournament every Friday
  15. regular team lunches
  16. flat hierarchy
  17. no vicious boss
  18. no micro management
  19. no bureaucracy
  20. best office location in the country, right in downtown Helsinki
  21. diverse, international team
  22. opportunity to learn and grow
  23. transparent company culture
  24. regular team days
  25. great equipment and workspace
  26. company, team and personal goals and bonuses
  27. cozy office with plants (real) and grass (fake)
  28. bi-weekly one-on-ones
  29. training resources
  30. shoe-less office
  31. one of the best-performing and fastest-growing scaleups in Finland (Kauppalehti, TalouselΓ€mΓ€)
  32. free t-shirt and hoodie 
  33. free stickers
  34. brainstorm-friendly work culture
  35. option program
  36. our own private cinema
  37. karaoke
  38. nice slippers
  39. bad jokes
  40. we don't take ourselves too seriously


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